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Safe And Secure Transaction

Educate yourself against Fraud/Scams

  • To create awarenessabout the warning signs of the most common kinds of Internet and fraudulent emails, it is to advise you to read the following points carefully.
  • There are two types of email scams – ‘phishing’ and ‘spoofing’. In both the cases, the ‘from address’ is forged to make it appear as if it came from a source that it actually did not come from.

What is Phishing?

  • In Phishing fraudsters try to ‘fish’ for your personal details.
  • They usually try this by sending you an e-mail, which takes you in faith to click a link that leads you to a fraudulent log-on page which is decorated to hack your account/password/personal details.
  • These emails can also be used to lure you into downloading software that may contain virus. Please note that rosmertahsrp will never ask you to download software in order to access your information.

What is Spoofing?

  • Spoof emails are fraudulent offer of employment and/or an invitation to perform a monetary transaction. Such email scams are, unfortunately, common across the world and could target anyone – including jobseekers.
  • The sender’s address is often fake and/or the sender may provide incomplete information about his contact, such as, the correct physical address, phone numbers and email id.